New Line IE INC.


New Line IE Inc. is your one stop shop for businesses in need of pallets

New Line IE Inc. is your one stop shop for businesses in need of pallets. Whether it’s new or recycled pallets, we’ll get you the pallets you need at the best cost. 

We are located in Chino CA where we supply, repair, and ship pallets to all southern California businesses. 

We’re focused on continuously improving our ability to offer the best possible pricing for our clients while maintaining high standards for product quality. We are your cost effective alternative that you can depend on.

Pallet Styles

45165,Wood Pallets

New Pallets

Get pallets that are built to last! Our pallets made from the best quality lumber. Need a specific size or shape? We can make each pallet to your specifications!

Wood with good quality standing on pallets

Recycled Pallets

Using recycled pallets is environmentally friendly and cost effective with less carbon & less trees being cut down.

Our Services

Roll-Off Services

Bin rentals are versatile and handle all types of loads for yard maintenance.

On/Off Site Repair Program

Environment sustainability, cost saving, and optimal pallet supply.

Custom Pallet

Quality lumber with precision workmanship. Get true cost-effective pricing.

Pallet Pick-up

Reusable pallets are bought at competitive pricing with our team.


Every pallet holds a specific amount of weight and is inspected before delivery.

Common sense rules here: if the used pallet looks odd, or if it smells strange, don’t use it.

Using refurbished pallets will reduce your operating cost as you can buy used pallets for approximately one-half of what new pallets cost.

Using recycled wood reduces the amount of trees being cut down and is cost effective.

All of San Bernardino, Riverside, Orange, and Los Angeles counties.

Email or call us. We’ll take care of it.